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cover-tf-newYour first step will be to buy the Amazon.com best-selling book, Divorce: Think Financially, Not Emotionally® – What Women Need to Know About Securing Their Financial Future Before, During and After Divorce (please purchase the book here). The book uses non-technical language to explain alimony, child support, separate and marital property, the division of assets . . . and so much more. (The book even reveals how to tell if your husband is hiding assets!)

Then read Chapter 25 which will explain how you can start taking advantage of all the benefits you receive with the book. You’ll enjoy FREE 24/7 access to the ThinkFinancially.com members-only website and its ever-expanding library of free articles on the financial aspects of divorce for women (see some of the topics below), as well as priority access and discounts for consultations, e-learning courses, workbooks and everything else you need to regain control of your financial future.

Start using ThinkFinancially.com today and you’ll begin feeling empowered. You’ll better understand what you’re up against, and you’ll know what to ask for –and how to get it.


Here’s A Small Sample Of Articles You’ll Find In Our Members’ Library

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secret fundShould You Keep A Secret Fund In Case You Divorce?
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bonuschap-firsttofile-thumbBeware Of Long-Term Separation Limbo
secret fundDoes Your Husband Have Sudden Income Deficit Syndrome (SIDS)?readmore-button-sm
bonuschap-taxlaws-thumbHow New Tax Laws Could Impact Your Divorce Settlement
bonuschap-rembrandt-thumbStop! Don’t Cut The Rembrandt In Half! And Other Tips For Difficult-To-Divide Assetsreadmore-button-sm
bonuschap-taxlaws-thumbWhat Can Happen If Your Husband Hides Assets Or Lies About His Finances?
move-thumbShould You Move Out Of The Marital Home? Busting The Tabloid Myths!


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